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Backpacks For The Homeless - A Moments Notice
Practicing Backpacks, allows you to be mentally and emotionally prepared to help the homeless at a moments notice. The simple act of buying the contents and putting the pack together is what does it. There's more to it than just throwing some stuff in a bag and giving it away. Backpacks is a spiritual and emotional process.

Once the pack is assembled, you keep it in the trunk of your car until the person who needs it manifests. When that person does appear, you are prepared and you can instantly give them this kit you've prepared, which under the right circumstances, might even save their life.

Disclaimer: asks everyone to understand that all people, homeless or not, can be unpredicatable. Please use due dilligence, caution and common sense when approaching people. Stick to well lighted areas, where other people are and try to work in pairs when possible.